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Big Bike 2015

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Vodafone Big Bike Challenge 2015

115 riders in Vodafone’s international team are picking up their bikes and cycling a huge 960 miles from the 5 – 13 September on Land’s End to John O'Groats bike ride. 6 riders join the international team from Hungary. The aim is to raise £1 million for the Vodafone Foundation’s Instant Network Schools programme. Instant Network Schools provide internet education to children and young people in refugee camps where Vodafone operates, providing online & digital teacher materials in communities where resources are hugely limited.

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Big Bike 2015

Meet the Hungarian Vodafone team

Gyöngyi Viczián
Just Giving
I love cycling, I was already out on the roads as a teenager. Big Bike Challenge means 2 challenges for me: raise money for children living in refugee camps and also reach the finish line each and every day.
Adrienn Szabó
Just Giving
Beginner but passionate cyclist and runner. I applied to the Big Bike Challenge 2015 because I want to show two things: I am able to ride 1600 kms in 9 days and I can raise money for people who are really in need.
Dóra Babák
Just Giving
I've been doing several arts of sports since the age of 8 like judo, athletics, swimming, yoga, running and riding a bike. Road cycling is quite new for me, actually Big Bike Challenge 2015 inspired me to start doing it.
Ágnes Csővári
Just Giving
I love people, nature, sports/activities, travelling and I’ve spent the last few years of my life with looking for means of making a difference, making the world a better, more liveable and positive place.
Balázs Sándor
Just Giving
Last year I’ve finished the Big Bike Challenge and this year I am up for the challenge again. This year I’m planning to go faster on the bike but more importantly raise more money for the Vodafone Foundation.
Markel Milán Kovács
Just Giving
I like sports, boxing, rugby, jogging, road cycling. I applied to the Big Bike Challenge 2015 because of its challenge, where the power is important but the mental challenge counts the most. Aupa Euskadi!

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